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The best time of day to set your mindset

The electrical activity of your brain (how fast or slowly your neurons fire) changes depending on what you are doing.

Electroencephalography (EEG) frequency bands

*This chart is not exhaustive - it is meant to provide a high level picture.

As you gradually go from asleep (delta slow wave) to awake (beta) you pass through theta and alpha. It is in these states that your mind is more open to ideas. That is why first thing in the morning right when you wake up is the best time to set your mindset or say affirmations.

Have you seen that illustration where you try to fit rocks and sand into a jar? If you put the sand in first the rocks won’t fit. The sand is the noise of the day. The rocks are the truth/thoughts you want to have. Once your day gets going the noise makes it so that it’s much harder to squeeze in the rocks.

Prioritize the “rocks” and take advantage of your relaxed/open brain state first thing in the morning.

Happy mind-setting,


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