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The University of Texas at Dallas is dedicating a whole week next week to improving brain health. That is the focus of this week's Here & Now conversation with FOX 4’s Shaun Rabb.

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UTD Center for BrainHealth to highlight mental fitness with free activities

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The neuroscience of creativity. How important is creativity for our children? What role does boredom play in increasing and encouraging creativity? Join me for an episode of the podcast all about daydreaming, what failure can do for your children, and why boredom is actually a good thing.

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A compilation from the Accidental Futurists who are putting the brain health and fitness revolution in motion.

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Productivity hacks, the concept of neuroplasticity, the latest research in brain health, low toxic living tips and so much more!


Neuroscientist, professor, podcaster of Thriving Minds and author of Smashing Mindset, Dr. Selena Bartlett shares how to retrain your brain to reboot, recharge and reinvent your way to freedom from feeling stuck.

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Ground-breaking work by scientists over the last two decades has revealed the importance of happiness. Scientific discoveries are revealing new ways we can combat anxiety, improve our wellbeing and make ourselves happier.


How are you building brain health?


Ian MacRae talks to Dr. Julie Fratantoni about science communication, social media and her work talking about brain health on Tiktok.


Teaching children to be kind and practicing kindness at home improves a parent's resilience and a child's empathy.


Dallas-Fort Worth has a golden opportunity to lead the world in the 21st-century brain health revolution—but will it rise to accept it?


Brain benefits of Wordle

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The politics of Envy

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UT Dallas Embarks on Study to Help Boost Brain Power

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Chronic Illness Cost This Former Dallas Museum Director Her Career. Embracing Novelty Gave Her New Life.

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Tips to improve focus. The brain has a lifelong ability to improve. It’s time to reject the notion that it is “normal” for brain performance to decline with age.


The neuroscience of empathy.

How to practice and increase empathy.

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Creativity and the brain.

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How to build healthier habits to improve wellbeing.

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The neuroscience of creativity and compassion and how to use them as tools to navigate change.

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Topic: the neuroscience of creativity and compassion

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How brain health research will transform the future of health care.

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  • The effects of social isolation on the brain

  • Common brain myths

  • Pillars of brain health

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  • Brain Health vs Mental Health

  • Proactive approaches

  • Tips for improving brain performance



  • How I got into the field of neuroscience

  • My doctoral work with noninvasive neuromodulation

  • My work with the Kindness Enterprise

  • My research - The BrainHealth Project

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How being connected to our phones 24/7 affects our brain.
(Start at the 36:45 mark, 10 min listen time)

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