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Cognitive neuroscientist making brain science approachable and helping you optimize your brain health and wellness.

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Brain Healthy Morning Routine

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I love how you make neuroscience easy to understand by using simple language and I have been implementing it lately - let me tell you, this has helped me a lot.


Cofounder of The Norn Way

I LOVE this resource you’ve created – it is really amazing and done incredibly well! Learning about the brain and using that knowledge for living our best lives fascinates me – I am SO grateful this is your expertise!! Thank you.

Woodbury R

Your knowledge is so valuable to me, so grateful to be able to tap in at this level.


I’ve been a fan of yours and your work right from the first moment. You’re a source of knowledge and inspiration for all of your followers, and especially for all the young women interested in working in STEM. You have a talent for breaking down scientific research to help anyone interested in developing better habits. Thank you for being such a lovely human and bringing brain science close to the average citizen.

Julia Szpor

Writer and Host of the Being Better podcast

How you deliver the insights and instruction are simple and precise. Very motivating to implement. I can't wait for your podcasts!

Tammy F

I value the work and research that you share with your community. Thank you.


Thank you for the content you are sharing - it is fantastic and very helpful! Through reading some of your posts I’m more aware of how I’ve been getting stuck in negative thought patterns and learned ways I can get out of them. 

Dr. Mark McBride, PT, DPT

Love your insight and to the point, points.


I really enjoyed your article and have been much more productive since I stopped trying to multitask so much and focus on one thing.


Content Assistant Editor, PrimeWomen

I am learning so much from you and putting into practice as much as I can...I am being diligent to avoid it [dementia] and only wish I had found you and The BrainHealth Project sooner.


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