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Cognitive Neuroscientist

Science Communicator

Brain Health Advocate

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I am here to make neuroscience approachable and available to everyone.

I specialize in helping people optimize their brain health by equipping and empowering them with tools to build a lifestyle that promotes overall wellness.

It is my great passion to help others live their happiest, healthiest, most successful and fulfilling life –

and it all starts with your brain.

3 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

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I love how you make neuroscience easy to understand by using simple language and I have been implementing it lately - let me tell you, this has helped me a lot.

Cofounder of The Norn Way

I’ve been a fan of yours and your work right from the first moment. You’re a source of knowledge and inspiration for all of your followers, and especially for all the young women interested in working in STEM. You have a talent for breaking down scientific research to help anyone interested in developing better habits. Thank you for being such a lovely human and bringing brain science close to the average citizen.

Julia Szpor
Writer and Host of the Being Better podcast

Thank you for the content you are sharing - it is fantastic and very helpful! Through reading some of your posts I’m more aware of how I’ve been getting stuck in negative thought patterns and learned ways I can get out of them. 

Dr. Mark McBride, PT, DPT

I really enjoyed your article and have been much more productive since I stopped trying to multitask so much and focus on one thing.

Content Assistant Editor, PrimeWomen

I LOVE this resource you’ve created – it is really amazing and done incredibly well! Learning about the brain and using that knowledge for living our best lives fascinates me – I am SO grateful this is your expertise!! Thank you.

Woodbury R

How you deliver the insights and instruction are simple and precise. Very motivating to implement. I can't wait for your podcasts!

Tammy F

Love your insight and to the point, points.


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